Judicial Case Managers

Judicial case managers are responsible for providing effective, efficient court scheduling and coordination of all matters within a particular judicial region. Judicial case managers manage the flow of all Provincial Court appearances and ensure that judicial resources are effectively utilized in a manner that minimizes court downtime and is consistent with the policies and practices of the Chief Judge.

Judicial case managers must hold a justice of the peace commission and exercise judicial discretion and authority within their assignment. They may also be required to preside as a justice under the Criminal Code in uncontested, non-adjudicative appearances before trial and to ensure compliance with the Criminal Caseflow Management Rules. When presiding, judicial case managers are addressed as “Your Worship”. For more information about etiquette when appearing before a Judicial Case Manager see How should I conduct myself when I appear in front of a Judicial Case Manager?

Judicial case managers are judiciary employees, hired through a competitive process pursuant to the Public Service Act. They are subject to the supervision of the Chief Judge in the performance of their duties and are guided by Standards of Conduct specific to their role.